Photo page not working

Ok, I am working on getting our photos to load through flicker on the right side as a widget however, I am banging my head on the desk trying to figure out why oh why it isn’t working. I got it to work on my other blog but nope not going to play nice today! Soooo some day I will have a feed on the right with all our new photos, until then you can click on the photos part that will take you to my Mobile Me gallery but you won’t be able to see them in a nice little box on the right.

But on a positive note I did get the video section to up load new videos each time!

I guess the Seattle Times would call this a rant/rave section 🙂




I love life and all it's beauty. Keeping busy and inspired through many veins that all lead to one heart. Blogger and founder @, LMP and owner of glĹŤ massage therapy and reflexology. Momma of two, sometimes three ;0) and partner @ http://www.weymuller
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