Morning thoughts and Anticipation

Today I am feeling rigid from my previous week’s exercise routine. My lower back aches and my whole body feels stiff and gelled together, I am sure this is how the tin man must have felt before that first drop of oil hit his creaky hinges. Knowing all too well that sitting and working in front of the computer was not at all what my body needed I decided to find that oil can and get my hinges moving smoothly.

As I donned my hat, gloves, and warm vest Bella and Boris danced around in anticipation of our adventure. My plan was simple: hike up, up and further up to the top of the hill behind our home. I figured my muscles would either agree or seize up and throw down a 3 year old fit, I’m not going any further!

To my pleasant surprise the oil can was easy to find and the 3 year old was left behind.  I realized that it was not only my body that was rigid but my mind must have been too.  As I gained elevation I shed layers; first to go was my hat then a little later my gloves, with each step my mind began to clear of all the immediate to-dos I so often carry around like a load of laundry that never seems to cease.

Ahh so good to lighten up, I noticed that my grin began to widen and the sound of my heart was all that I heard. Looking around I spotted the dogs running this way and that. Bella our 13 year old seemed to forget her stiff body also. She was grinning ear to ear as she bounced around like she had in her younger years. Boris nose to the ground following his bloodline to track all the trails of previous travelers, a squirrel here, deer there, coyote, cougar and any other being sharing the wilds out behind our home.

I began to see what really was around me, not our cozy home that housed all our interior needs but water droplets glistening off  the amber leaves accentuated by the wet black bark.  The vibrant aspens flowing and following the contours of the hillsides disappearing around the corner.  With each step I brushed by the damp sages awakening and releasing their fresh scent. My interior needs are being filled my senses are open and fully taking in what Mother earths home is offering.

A sense of thankfulness overcomes me, realizing what an amazing life it is. The beauty surrounds me each moment, each day. I am thankful for so much but in this moment I am thankful that my back reminded me to take time.

Time to stretch at the top, a few downward dogs, sun salutes, and general feel good movements. Time to marvel at the sea of fall morning clouds as they roll in and out of the valley’s fingers like the ocean’s tides.  I see them swallow up friends houses like pebbles in a tide pool. Time to think about how all my senses are full taking in the hologram of life. Time to not think.

Content, I head down into the clouds taking with me the sun from above. I become my kid of younger years. The spring is back. I am scree skiing making hop turns off pillows of bunch grass… in anticipation.

For now there are three individuals with wide grins and lose bodies ready to tackle that load of laundry. (Ok, one individual doing the laundry).

Bella and Boris watch the fall clouds

Bella and Boris watch the fall clouds



I love life and all it's beauty. Keeping busy and inspired through many veins that all lead to one heart. Blogger and founder @, LMP and owner of glō massage therapy and reflexology. Momma of two, sometimes three ;0) and partner @ http://www.weymuller
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