A Note From Hannah’s School – Haitian relief effort by the Methow Valley Community School

Dear MVCS Families,

It just so happened that the Older Crew’s sharing theme for this week was Natural Phenomena and Natural Disasters. On Weds morning Rowan shared with us about the destruction and devastation in Haiti from the earthquake. Today Tom Kimbrell, a geologist by training, came to our class to talk about earthquakes.

Our crew decided that they wanted to collect some money to send to Haiti. So, we are doing a short fundraising effort – just today and tomorrow – to send a donation to the Red Cross for earthquake relief efforts.

If you would like to contribute, please send your donation to school tomorrow with your children. All the MVCS students know about this relief effort and we are encouraging all students to make a contribution of whatever they can (25 cents or a dollar) out of their own money (if they have that). Thanks in advance for talking about this with your children and helping us help others in need.


The Older Crew


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