49 degrees North Races

We spent the last weekend at the 2010 FAST BLAST Emerald Empire YSL Race held at 49 Degrees North.

Some of the Loup Loup Team started their weekend with super G practice on Friday the 23rd and the rest of the team arrived Friday night ready to race on Sat.

Saturday turned out to be a fantastic day on the hill the sun came out and the snow was good. A mellow morning of free skiing before lunch with all of the girls having only one GS run after lunch. The course was good and the competition strong.

That day the Loup ended up with:

J-6 girls:
Ali -4th

J-5 girls:
J-5 Boys:
Blake -10th

J-4 Boys:
Derek- 6th

Sunday was a day where our team showed it’s heart and determination to keep on learning. The day was filled with a continued wave of dense fog sweeping both the women’s and men’s courses making it hard for the spectators to see the racers, sometimes only catching  glimpses as they emerged from the gray soup. The technically set Slalom course both in the morning and afternoon was also challenging with soft new snow and jittery ruts that sent skiers off balance. Our young Loup team had little experience with the slalom course which demanded that they learn on the hill how to read their run through the array of red and blue poles. The results showed with only 2 out of 23 J-6 girls completing both runs clean. On our team Eva missed a gate on her first run but completed her second with a fine time of 1:03.67 and Calin also missing a gate on her first run but coming in with a 1:02.46 her second run. Ali did a fantastic time of 57.91 on her first run unfortunately, missing a gate on her second run.

For the J-5 girls their age and experience helped them and they came in:


The Loup boys had  a rough go of it as well. Bram crashed and Bergen had an acident free skiing before the race ending up with a broken rib. The rest of the boys held their own against the competition finishing with;



All had the pleasure of driving the 4 hours home in the snow. Only true skiers would be happy to drive in a snow storm!


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