Arrived safe and sound

Hey family,
We arrived safe and sound here in welches Oregon. Our good friend Kevin is kindly lending us his sweet cabin.
Earlier today we enjoyed a nice stroll through Hood River and a fantastic dinner… Props to Jax for treating us so well!
Now I’m snuggled in, the Bean is out cold and Kev just went to pick up E and H who are getting the low down for the weekend.
We are here for Hannah and her Loup Loup teammates to race in the Buddy Werner Championships happening at Ski Bowl on Sat & Sun.
It should be a great time despite the northwest weather, lot-o water in that snow out there!



I love life and all it's beauty. Keeping busy and inspired through many veins that all lead to one heart. Blogger and founder @, LMP and owner of glō massage therapy and reflexology. Momma of two, sometimes three ;0) and partner @ http://www.weymuller
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One Response to Arrived safe and sound

  1. Linda M. Robertson says:

    Hey you, remember that wonderful Spring weather you left??? Well, Tikaani and I woke to 2″ of fresh snow!!! Yikes! Anyway, took your dogs out a few times yesterday, all is well. Love to each of you, Linda

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