Musing from the alps

Yesterday we arrived in Geneva tired from our long flight on United. We started the day at 3:30am PST boarded the plane around 6:30am in Seattle then arrived in DC uneventfully ready for our 3 hour layover.

What we didn’t know then was that we would board our next plane on time, reach elevation to unbuckle our seat belts and start our movies… 1/8th of the way into our flight the pilot would let us know over the loud speaker that we were losing hydrolic fluid in not one but two different gauges! Our pilot and his co pilot mentioned that this wasn’t a worry to them but the control center that they had been talking with for the past 45 minutes had a different point of view.

SO our only option was to turn around, land and go from there… funny they were so candid with us. Eventually stating that this was not an emergency but merely a safety precaution…. Yah so we don’t land in the Pond between the US and Europe. Another three hours go by and we are finally ready to re-board a NEW plane!

With our later arrival we were beyond ready to be off of any plane and out of the airports all together. E found our rental car and loaded it to its max. With Christine’s detailed directions we made it to Arbaz in no time, arriving to Christine and Claudy’s surprise…that we didn’t get lost.
Starving we headed up to a nice little spot just up the road from Christine’s place and enjoyed a meal under the sun. The views were breathtaking, snow covered peaks in every direction- what more could you ask for?
Today we got a lazy start to our adventure up Mt. Fort, 3330 m, to catch a view of the freeride world tour happening on the adjacent peak; Bec de Rossess, 3222m, above Verbier. We took Claudy’s advice and headed over to the 4 Valle’es. we started from the Nendez side at 1,400m. First was the te’le’sie’ge up to a te’le’cabine on to a super long line for the te’le’phe’rique.

Traveling over stunning peaks and amazing skiable terrain (sorry no photos of that!). Needless to say once we arrived at the almost top the beautiful and HOT sunny weather we had been enjoying turned on us and Mt. Fort was engulfed in clouds. The comp was put on hold (since they couldn’t heli the competitors up to the Bec in the foggy clouds. But no worries we had a quick lunch, took in what we could see and skied down some fun runs.
Returning to Arbaz for a cafe’ and a mellow evening hanging with Christine.


ready to go

H and E waiting to get on the te’le’pherique to the Col des Gentianes in hopes to watch the world free ride tour taking place on the Bec des Rosses.
(read Eva having fun… Hannah tired of waiting in long crowds)

waiting for rock star seating

front row seats

Yes I made them pose!



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