in the the groove

Ok, we have landed back in the states and into our groove back in the Methow. Life is begining to spring up all around us. April showers OF SNOW I guess will help those May flowers grow.

Our travels were wonderful, we were gone from home almost a month which at the end of it really makes you appreciate your own bed, pillows and kitchen! We traveled from the Methow down to Mt. Hood Or for a festive weekend of Buddy Werner Races. Hannah had a great time with her fellow Buddy teammates and experienced what it is like to race against motivated and strong competitors some three to four years her senior!


After that we had a great time hiking in the forests around Mt. Hood checking out the beauty and splendor of such lush greenery. Portland was next on our itinerary, a quick stop by  to see good friends back in their stomping grounds.

Destination Seattle was the start point for our International travels. After celebrating birthdays with family

Birthday Ink

Can you believe it?

we boarded our plane and headed to Geneva. I wrote earlier about our happy United flight experiences, so rewind a bit to get caught up.

From here remains a whirlwind of activity and non activity. I’ll save you the day to day but in a quick burst we had a wonderful experience. Christine and Claudy were amazing hosts who later visited us in Chamonix and wandered the streets like tourists with us. We enjoyed many a lunch of bread, cheese and salami … the best!

The girls

We skied at Siviez (on the other side of Verbier, near Nendaz) and tried to see some of the skiing that was going on at the Bec De Rosses Freeride competition, but the weather socked in and they couldn’t run it.

What a sick face!  We also skied for a couple of gorgeous days in Zermatt and another bluebird day at Grand Montets in Chamonix.  The weather was too unpredictable for us to go up the Aguille Du Midi while we were there. But the girls did get a good view of it on our way back from our Grand Montet day.

Gornergrat bound

We both ( E.A and I ) had the non pleasure of a 24hour stomach bug… luckily it was on opposing days so each of us took the girls out for the day and explored while the other lay comatose non-moving unless it was a delirious stumble to the bathroom. Ahh the joys of traveling and not having those ruby slippers to transform you back to comforts of home when you want it most.

But as it where the skies parted the rain stopped, the sun shone and we moved from our sick hotel into a fab cabin in Servoz.

our spot in Servoz

Ahh home

Owned and built by friends (I met last year in my travels) Marianne and Christophe. What a wonderful spot they have and so kind to share it with us. The sweet little things in life began to shine, like having our own kitchen and knowing we’d be in one spot for awhile. We had a chance to meet up with some of our friends, unfortunately not all, and even got in a snowy hike.

up up and away!

After our week in Chamonix we packed up said our goodbyes to friends and took the scenic route back to Geneva. Scenic it was as our drive was detoured a few times allowing us to stumble upon a few more amazing ski areas in the Portes du Soleil area. This band of 12 resorts all dotted along the boarders of France and Switzerland were amazing to drive through. We were able to check out Morzine, Les Gets, Avoriaz and a couple others before we dropped down near Evian and made our way, the long way, around Lake Geneva.

Our first stop in Geneva was to see Skye and meet Alex then we headed off to check in and ditch our rental car. Later in the evening we enjoyed a stroll along the water front and took in a wonderful Italian dinner.

Skye and her girls

Night lights

The crew minus the photographer!

We had a fantastic time hanging out with Skye and Alex … check out the video

To finish up we endured another LONG united flight where we boarded our plane deboarded our plane boarded another plane missed our connecting flight spent the night ( on United’s dollar) in D.C and arrived back in Seattle just in time to see if the Easter bunny knew where we would end up…

Sure enough he found us!



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