Killer Whale Swim Meet

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Tonight I am uploading the photos that have been sitting on my camera from  Saturday’s Iron man meet and E sent over the ones he took from last night’s meet, while doing this I’m doing the mental run down from the pictured events. My thoughts keep circling around to how amazing our lovely valley is and what an incredible group of kids and adults that make up the Methow Valley Killer Whales Swim Team are.

The girls have been a part of the team for a couple of years now but have not competed in a meet until Saturday. They preferred to wait and spend the time honing their skills and self confidence. This year we agreed that they would try a few meets and see how it went. So I signed them up for the next home meet I saw on the wall (a spot where all the sign up sheets are located). Little did I know it would be THE home event with teams from all over joining for an Iron Man (read 9 hour) competition. That morning when I arrived and realized what I had done, I couldn’t quiet shake the little voice in my head that kept saying “Great, what Mom signs their kids up for their first swim meet on the busiest, crazed, IRON MAN swim meet of the season?

I am glad I have energetic kids because I am thinking they will either love it or hate it and so we just went for it. We did the crash course in swim meets (I had never been to a meet myself). We got the numbers of each event written on the girls arms, next a quick warm up, team meeting and then events. It’s amazing how well the kids do over a 9 hour time period in and out of the pool.

I do a pan of the meet scene, there are shade tents set up in the park filled with swimmer’s family members, coolers and everything you need for a long hot day of spectating. The edges of the pool are lined with supporters cheering and enjoying the moment. On the next level I take in a normal Methow sight… Our amazing coaches, who are also parents and wear many hats in this valley, making a difference. Then there are the parents and community members and kids who are doing the timekeeping,  judging,  organizing of the swimmers groups, entering in the data, making the place ribbons and everything else you can imagine. This is what makes up our little valley, a dedicated, multi-talented, multi-generational, strong and fun loving group of individuals that come together and work as a whole. What a wonderful place to raise ourselves and our children.



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