Power Out!

Last friday we had a reserved bin(the tele-cabin in the picture) and a great few early morning runs making our way closer to our reserved time. We had just enough time to squeeze in one more beautiful run before we loaded the bin to the top. As we waited in line, all of 3 people ahead of us, everything stopped at once. Looking around each chair and bubble was frozen. People sitting and hanging in space. The first thought was humm I’ve never experienced this before and it might take a little longer then just the usual stop and start.
We debated on what could possibly be happening. Then the lift ops started the chair generators, a clear sign that the power was not coming back soon. So we bailed on the bin reservation and had the best private corduroy run all the way down the the car. Each of us had the piste to ourselves and the zipper sound from our skies just made me giggle. A quick load of the skis and off to Le Tour to continue our morning. As we entered the parking lot a friend phoned and said the power was off there as well so we should head out to Vallorcine, one look at the lift line and we knew he was right. All back in and off towards CH, where we found rock star parking, and no lines, plenty of power and empty slopes! Lemon aid is good sometimes.

(Info and photo from Radio Mont Blanc and Chamonix.net)
Last Friday, the power was cut in Argentiere. The ski area of the Great Montets was down with no power for 3h45m and all the lifts were stopped.
It was thanks to the geothermic engine, that the facilities could evacuate all the skiers in the ski area.
The Balme ski area was also hit, but on a smaller time frame. The skiers were transported by bus to other ski areas. The reason for the EDF power failure is not known.
Radio Mont Blanc


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