Clifden-Connemara-Omey areas

Afternoon stroll

After arriving late in the evening to our fantastic spot The Dolphin Beach house B&B with wonderful hosts the Foyle family we enjoyed four cozy nights and amazing weather. The previous day it was cold enough to snow in the Connemara mountains  the 12 Bens/Pins depending on who you talk to. Each day consisted of 70 % sun with rolling clouds and spotty rain showers.


Bog Pony

Cliff walking in Clifden

Snow in the hills above Clifden

Very cheery locals

On the first day we walked into the town proper and missed each shower as we entered the local pub for E.A’s 2nd only Guinness since arriving in Ireland but he made short work of it. When we entered the pub we were enthusiastically given a kind greeting from the local regulars. Once the woman tending the bar heard it was going to be E.A’s birthday on St. Patty’s she offered up a clean Guinness glass for him to take home!

An afternoon walk from Clifden town

Each morning after enjoying a hardy Irish breakfast the kids headed down to the beach to build a fort and in the afternoons when we would return from our days hike and after a casual tea they would be right back at it. I love the beach!

Beach fun-Ethan

Fort making on the bach

Jeff and Alex

One of our days we called it perfectly and enjoyed a full day of sun while we hiked up the Diamond Hill through bogs, scrambling up rocks and summiting the Hill. It doesn’t sound very hard “I’ve just summited Diamond Hill” and well it wasn’t that hard, the older kids actually ran up most of the way. The views were spectacular and we were glad to have hiked it.

The bog way

Pigtails and smiles

Diamond Hill

Papa and Bean

Momma and Bean

Back at our B&B we enjoyed another wonderful afternoon tea, book reading and relaxation. Later in the evening we met up with the rest of our Ireland party. Sims, Stacy and little Petey who arrived by dinner time.



We had been told by our server at the Micro Brewery in Chamonix, better know as the MBC, who is from the Galway area that we should check out a special island that tourists don’t go to. Our B&B hosts helped us with the tide tables and knowing when to go and when to make sure we were on the correct side. The special part about the Omey Island is it is only an Island at high tide. We could drive from the main island on the beach, yes with a rental car, following the sticks in the sand that directed you to Omey island. This we were told is where the locals learn to drive… nothing to hit!

We were advised to park on the main island side just in case our walk took longer and the tide rolled in quickly. Many people have been caught on the unintended side because the tide changed rapidly. So E.A took the opportunity to do doughnuts in the sand, splash through all the saltwater puddles and just really enjoy having a rental car on the beach. We pulled out the soccer ball that travels everywhere with the Lefebvre’s and they played  a little bit.

Omey Island

We all had fun checking out the old cemetery with great headstones and it’s unique glass and stone coverings, being carefully watched by the local cows.

Local Architecture

The local houses on the island were so cozy and inviting but you know it can get blustery cold, windy and barren in the winter.

Curious donkey

This is a great photo not because of the actual photo but because of the story behind it. Alex and I really wanted to make it to the other side of the Island to see what was … no this is not a knock knock joke but yes we were curious. But we also had to consider our timing and not get stranded on the island. Our responsible children turned around long ago in fear we wouldn’t make it back in time and their irresponsible parents would be stuck (I wonder what they would have done if we were split with the tide between us I guess they didn’t think that part through) but back to the story. So Alex and I sat down on the rock wall to take in the view satisfied we’d made it far enough to satiate our curiosity. While sitting there the boys came walking up E.A poised with the camera and smiling broadly. Little did we realize but our new friend was about to introduce himself by coming up from behind and leaning into Alex close enough to brush her ear. All I saw was a very large dark object right next to us the next thing I know I scream, startle Alex who does the same while we both jump up surprising the donkey and E.A continues to click away-priceless!


The Bean

In her element

having fun



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