Driving the western coast of Ireland Shannon to Clifden

A trip to the west coast of Ireland would not be complete without a stop at the Cliffs Of Moher. We were pre warned that these once quiet and majestic cliffs have been turned into a full on tourist spot. However, we were also told we must go and so we did. And yes, they are beautiful and amazing but you will have to put on your filtered glasses to ignore the pricey mandatory parking lot, crowds (of people just like ourselves) and souvenir shops where they might even sell those filtered glasses I mentioned.

Moving on we drove up along the coastal route on narrow curvy roads hugging the side when  an on coming vehicle approached. We stopped many times excited like kids in a candy shop, funny, I couldn’t say as excited as our kids in the backseat of a holiday vehicle. We adults were the kids today, stopping to admire the vast difference in landscape from the rugged mountains of the Alps. We found ourselves pulling the car over many times to capture little bits of Ireland for our memories.

The Burren, County Clare, Ireland

Church ruins along the way.

We were lucky to catch the end of the Clare Chase Festival – all of the competitors and their horses take a dip in the bay before heading off to the pub.

Ballyvaghaun, County Clare, Ireland

Take note that even if one stops often, to take in all the beauties Ireland has to offer, add a few extra hours to what google maps says it will take due to the windy narrow country roads.

Rolling in late we finally arrived at our next spot, the Dolphin House B&B. Awaiting us were our good friends and the hosts who kept our dinner hot and fresh while we were driving the bog road in search of their spot, which happened to be in the opposite direction.


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