Sunny days in the Alps with the french language

Ok, so I’ve been practicing the french language for a few months now. It hasn’t been a whole hearted try, I must admit, but the want to learn is strong. And while I’m in the flow of admitting things, I might as well get on with it and confess that my effort at practicing is weak too. So, I am sure it comes as no surprise that I still haven’t mastered getting it to flow smoothly off of my tongue . I enjoy listening to those around me speak, and I feel like I understand pretty much everything being said, that is, of course, until their attention turns to me. Visualize the classic movie image of an interrogation room, the light flicks on and the loud humming sound resonates through the room and in my ears. I clam up and realize I can’t remember anything of what was just said. Then as I stare blankly into the light I am trying to replay the conversation in my head. By then someone else pipes up and the conversation moves on while I am still running to catch up.
I love the language, the learning and listening. Next time, I think I’ll need to find a home-stay style trip where I am forced to go beyond the easy questions and answers…”I would like this.” and “Do you have any of that?” type questions. But our trip this time around is a family trip and I’m not sure how many would accommodate a whole family. If I could find one I would be very psyched. So if anyone knows of such an option I’d love to hear about it.
Well, I’m off to a friends house who is trying a new French recipe for duck. She has gotten all the info from another friend who, yes, is French and I’ve been told is a pro when it comes to fixing duck! I’m very happy to be the guinea pig tonight since I love duck, probably because it brings back wonderful memories from childhood. We would enjoy freshly hunted and prepared to perfection duck by my Mom.
Maybe I’d better learn how to do it.



I love life and all it's beauty. Keeping busy and inspired through many veins that all lead to one heart. Blogger and founder @, LMP and owner of glō massage therapy and reflexology. Momma of two, sometimes three ;0) and partner @ http://www.weymuller
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