What’s in store for Hannah schooling next year-So exciting!

We just received what will be Hannah’s expedition for her educational focus in 2011-2012. Not only will MVCS add grades 7 & 8 but they will also make the move into a new building and add a cafeteria and computer lab. We are excited for all the changes and opportunities that come along with them.

Take a look at what the middle school kids will be working on at the Community School:

What makes me, me?
What is my place in society?

These are the big questions that will guide our learning at the MVCS
middle school for the 2011-2012 school year. We will explore these
questions through an interdisciplinary study of literature, sociology,
and science.

Students will begin the year with an exploration of coming of age
rituals and rites of passage ceremonies in different cultures. They
will have the opportunity to choose which cultures intrigue them and
will apply their learning to creating their own unique rites of
passage. Through this study of human geography and sociology, students
will gain a better understanding of their roles in society. From there
the focus will turn inward, towards comprehending one’s own individual
identity. Students will study a variety of literature and art of their
choice to discover how authors and artists share their life stories.
With that knowledge, students will create their own “pictures” of
themselves, through various forms of writing and artwork. This
exploration will culminate with the production of a video
“self-portrait,” which will include writing, photos, music, artwork,
and on camera presentation.

Students will also address the guiding questions of identity through
scientific inquiry. They will begin by gaining a foundational
understanding of cellular biology. Through microscope work and
research, students will examine the basic building blocks and
processes that form them as human beings. Building on that base, they
will dig into the study of genetics. This will accord them the
scientific perspective of what makes them who they are. To complete
the investigation, students will debate the age-old question of nature
vs. nurture.

No exploration of self would be complete without a look at one’s own
interests or passions. Beyond the core curriculum described above,
MVCS middle school students will have the opportunity to design and
create their own personal learning expedition, based on their own

Skill development through the year will be varied and deep. Students
will not only progress in the traditional skills of reading, writing,
math, inquiry, research, experimentation, art, etc., but will also
have numerous opportunities to gain skills in areas of technology.
These include: keyboarding, media and internet literacy, digital
photography and video, digital presentations (e.g. Powerpoint, iMovie,
etc.), and more.

Becoming a well-educated citizen in the 21st century requires an
ever-expanding skill set. MVCS middle school students will learn to be
creative and critical thinkers who know how to ask deep questions and
how to pursue the answers; they will gain experience accessing and
analyzing information; they will learn to take initiative and gain
competency as independent learners as well as cooperative colleagues
in their educational pursuits. MVCS students will learn to be
adaptable problem solvers, compassionate leaders, and effective


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