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I love life and all it's beauty. Keeping busy and inspired through many veins that all lead to one heart. Blogger and founder @, LMP and owner of glō massage therapy and reflexology. Momma of two, sometimes three ;0) and partner @ http://www.weymuller

Southern stories spun the old fashion way

I just love how moments like these come together spontaneously. Just a few days ago E.A’s parents arrived midday after traveling over the beautiful North Cascades Scenic Highway. They stopped at a few of their favorite places along the way … Continue reading

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Hannah’s bakery

So Hannah has been expanding her skills and is a natural when it comes to finding tasty recipes and making them materialize! Last night she started out making a vanilla bean cheesecake but soon realized that the pantry was fresh … Continue reading

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The club house is taking shape!

There are an amazing amount of decisions to make when building a house, luckily we(that would be Gramp and Toby) are building a club house so it boils down to where to place your footprints and sprinkle the glitter in … Continue reading

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4th of July wall raising!

It’s been a family event to stain the wood and frame the walls. Today Gramp and Toby have worked hard and put up the first wall of the club house. Right now it fits in nicely with the towns western … Continue reading

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What’s in store for Hannah schooling next year-So exciting!

We just received what will be Hannah’s expedition for her educational focus in 2011-2012. Not only will MVCS add grades 7 & 8 but they will also make the move into a new building and add a cafeteria and computer … Continue reading

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Variations of Duck Confit

Sorry to keep you hanging from my last post about our good friends new foray into the world of french cooking especially since it was the ever-so-tasty medium of canard. Ahh, I love the flavor of this tasty bird but … Continue reading

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Sunny days in the Alps with the french language

Ok, so I’ve been practicing the french language for a few months now. It hasn’t been a whole hearted try, I must admit, but the want to learn is strong. And while I’m in the flow of admitting things, I … Continue reading

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Galway-St. Patrick’s Day and E.A’s 40th Birthday!

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Clifden-Connemara-Omey areas

After arriving late in the evening to our fantastic spot The Dolphin Beach house B&B with wonderful hosts the Foyle family we enjoyed four cozy nights and amazing weather. The previous day it was cold enough to snow in … Continue reading

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Driving the western coast of Ireland Shannon to Clifden

A trip to the west coast of Ireland would not be complete without a stop at the Cliffs Of Moher. We were pre warned that these once quiet and majestic cliffs have been turned into a full on tourist spot. … Continue reading

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