Eva’s Monday Notes

Weekly Note:

What a successful adventure our past week was together. From purchasing food supplies, to sleeping under the stars we all did a great job of working together toward a common goal. Great job Younger Crew! We are starting to form tighter relationships as a crew and becoming more successful as a functioning, learning community. Our overnight really helped us learn more about each other and work on sharing and respect. I am excited to spend our upcoming week reflecting on all we accomplished.

Adventure Overview:  On the first day of our overnight we traveled up Bear Creek and hiked to an overlook of the Pipestone Canyon. On our walk Rob Crandall helped bring our sense of smell to life as we learned some of the local flora in a newly invented game…”3 shrubs and a nose”. We also learned to walk the walk of the ‘shrub-steppe.’ On our hike we traveled through Golden Eagle nesting habitat and explored some of the evidence that animals had been there. In particular, we found some really cool Black Bear scat…does anyone remember what it was made up of? (Choke Cherries) Throughout our hike there was some great teamwork illustrated by several people. Crewmembers helped carry backpack weight for other people, checked in to see if other people were doing all right throughout the walk, worked hard to leave the area better than we found it. Mom, Adrianne and Deirdre, did a great job of keeping us safe, happy and together as a traveling group.

On Thursday night we had a wonderful dinner of pesto pasta, cheese, onions and garlic prepared by Maya, Michael, Sydney and Maggie. They were awesome chefs and helped us to stay safe in the kitchen area. That night we told stories, played and explored the wonders of marshmallow taffy. Thanks students for teaching me about the world of refined sugar! It was a chilly night but we did a good job of staying warm and getting at least a little sleep. Thanks to all the parents who came to say goodnight and tuck us in. A large thanks to Hans, Adrianne, Deirdre and Tom for helping us get some sleep.

In the morning we awoke to a fantastic sunrise and a warm fire. Some of us took a short walk to look for early morning birds while Gretta, Shiloh, Sadie and Cymone prepared a fantastic blueberry pancake breakfast. They were warm and sugary enough to really get our day started well. After breakfast we spent time breaking down camp, packing up and getting rehydrated. Before we left our camp area we all did a fantastic job of practicing the art of ‘leave no trace.’ The campground looked great when we left. Following cleanup we explored the wonders of seed collection and restoration with Rob Crandall. We first gathered seed from a local plant. Does anyone remember what type of Rye grass it was? (Great Basin Wild Rye) After gathering seed we walked to a disturbed site and practiced dancing some native seeds into the ground. We will have to travel back next spring to see the benefits of our work.

Lunch, made by Camille, Chloe, Eva and Annie was prepared along the Chewuch River several miles above the bridge. There we talked a bit about the amazing salmon that travel all the way to the ocean and back, made some miraculous charcoal artwork and observed some of the ancient pictographs in the area. We spent time drawing and thinking about what the artist was trying to tell us through pictures. In the upcoming week we will think more about this pictorial writing through the creation of our own pictographs.  Once again, thanks to everyone for making it such a successful experience for all the students.

Upcoming week:  In the upcoming week we will spend a large portion of our writing workshop reflecting on our trip. We will consider highlights of our trip, and in describing some of the places we visited and adventures we encountered. We will also write letters to the Middle Crew about our trip, in response to letter they recently shared with us. Writing workshops will also focus on building an important list of vocabulary and word families. Reader’s Workshop, this week, will revolve around the ideas of where and what we read. We will also begin the creation of readers groups during out literacy circles. Sections of books will be coming home, to be used as practice for our book group reading.

In math we will begin units on insects and ants. These integrated units will help us think about patterning, numbering, and grouping as well as the skills of addition and subtraction. Practice problems will be coming home with us later in the week. Students are encouraged to work for 10 minutes at home on these addition and subtraction problems.

The Locavores group will be introduced (or reminded) about what it means to be a locavore, meet the newest residents at Local 98856

Thanks again to all and have a great week.


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